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Senior Full-stack Engineer

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Contract Typepermanent
Experience Level3Year (s)

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ABout Full-stack Engineer Role

If you’re applying for this job, you love DeFi and web3 and are endlessly curious about how decentralized development technologies are emerging. We are looking for an avid problem-solver who brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to help make RabbitHole and the projects that we’re working with succeed (wagmi). 

As a fast-growing startup in a 24/7 industry, we rely on our team members to take initiative. We are looking for someone who is an independent but collaborative worker that can adapt quickly to changing priorities, wear multiple hats, and proactively assist with solutions. You’ll have a large stake in shaping RabbitHole, and we’ll look to you to help teach and mentor other engineers through learning, growing, and humility, as well as an incorporation of best practices. 

You should also be open to the occasional travel for events and company off-sites – in the true crypto spirit, we also enjoy to vibe together.


  • Work closely with the engineering team to architect and build a robust system of infrastructure
  • Collaborate with top crypto projects in the space to develop Quest features that fit their needs 
  • Spearhead the QA process to ensure that a good engineering process is being built 
  • Ensure the safety of users by deploying rigorous security standards throughout the development stack
  • Bonus: Contribute to the open-source DeFi community


  • Strong software fundamentals (React, GraphQL, TypeScript)
  • Knowledge of and passion for crypto applications / Ethereum, preferably Defi
  • Can quickly learn how to work with services and tools even without previous experience
  • Excellent written communication (design docs, specs, documentation, code reviews, post-mortems) 
  • Bonus: ChakraUI experience for the frontend
  • Bonus+: Experience creating subgraphs on The Graph

Benefits & impact:

  • Help create a new type of digital ownership: At RabbitHole, we want participation, not speculation. We’re not here to watch numbers go up, but to actually foster a new type of digital ownership that hasn’t existed before: provable on-chain transactions 
  • Build a DAO from the ground up: We will be the first company to successfully build a DAO from a product. If you want to join this movement towards a more meritocratic and self-sovereign future, welcome 
  • Best place to learn crypto: We touch all layers of the web3 world and work with a wide variety of projects: DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Layer1s, etc. You’ll learn it all and be on the edge of what’s new in the space 
  • Work with the best: You will work intimately with our squad of crypto-natives who have experience at some of the leading projects in the space like Dapper Labs, MakerDAO, and MetaCartel
  • Compensation: $150K-$200K

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