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Intermediate FullStack Engineer

@ Versus LLC



Contract Typepermanent
Experience Level2Year (s)
Required Skills:

More Info:

About the Intermediate FullStack Engineer Role

Versus is looking for an intermediate level software developer with the following skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript (Vanilla + Angular)
  • Python 3
  • Node.js

The developer will be responsible for managing existing software products, as well as implementing new backend API (Python/Node) and frontend (Angular). The successful candidate will work closely within the existing engineering team and framework to implement new designs.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Write and deploy REST APIs in Python or Node
  • Manage existing API endpoints written in both Python and Node
  • Manage cron jobs written in Python for web scraping
  • Deploying API to Google Cloud Platform and manage them
  • Interface with mobile application developers to design and develop their API
  • Interface with BigQuery analytics data lake
  • Interface with FireStore to write and read JSON objects
  • Implement Firebase Authentication
  • Interface with web developers to design and provide them with API
  • Build and extend web interfaces as designed by the products team
  • Design and implement PDF reports
  • Write cron jobs to automate sending out PDF reports

Skills and Qualifications

  • Two years’ experience building applications using HTML5 and Angular
  • Two years’ experience with Python 3 and Node.js
  • Experience with Firebase is an advantage
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform is an advantage


Compensation is highly competitive and depending on candidate’s location

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