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Contract Typepermanent
Experience Level3Year (s)

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About The Data Engineer Role

Our Mission

In 2019, immigrants worldwide sent over $550 billion home to family and friends, dwarfing foreign governmental aid. In the age of cheap, quick transfers through services like Paypal and Venmo, these people are trekking to stores to pay fees averaging over 7% for transfers that typically take 24 hours or more.

Sendwave's mission is to change that by making sending money anywhere in the world easy and affordable. Since 2014, our app has allowed diaspora members from several African nations - and more recently Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, saving our users over 70% relative to Western Union and MoneyGram.

We are looking to rapidly expand around the world in the next year. That's where you come in...

How you'll help us achieve it

We are looking for a Data Engineer to help expand the utility of our Data Warehouse through multiple phases of maturity.

As of today we have raw data from multiple silos landed in BigQuery. This is great for technically data savvy teams that are looking to do one-off analysis but is not suitable for many teams (Examples: Growth, Product, and Marketing) that need the data insights but either lack the technical skills to deal with the complex data model or need the information updated automatically so they can make real-time decisions.

Once our team’s basic needs are met, we have several backend processes that take 12+ hours to complete because we have limited resources attempting to process large datasets in batch. The Data Engineer will work with the teams responsible for those processes to plan, develop, and maintain an improved approach to the problem.

After we’ve accomplished data manipulation at scale, we will begin expanding functionality by monitoring metrics on streaming data (eg fraud related data points to detect corridor anomalies). The data engineer will design and implement system that can monitor a stream of data points and trigger alerts or actions based on their results.

In this role, you will:

  • Work with various teams to understand their needs or pain points.
  • Write advance SQL to combine various datasets in BigQuery into tables/views that solve business problems
  • Develop task management systems to handle query scheduling
  • Own decisions around run frequency, views vs materialize views, and query optimization to create an efficient Data Warehouse and Distribution program.
  • Work closely with data scientists to understand desired metrics
  • Plan, build and maintain the appropriate infrastructure and pitch in on backend development whenever applicable. We use Python company-wide as our backend language so any professional experience with it is a huge plus.

We’re rapidly expanding into adjacencies to our core remittance product and want to emphasize that this is an insight-generating position that will solve real business problems from day 1.

Key details

  • Location: Our company is 100% remote. You can be based anywhere in the the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Kenya, or Senegal.
  • Major benefits:
  • Subsidized health insurance and retirement contribution matching (both vary from country-to-country)
  • 26 weeks fully paid parental leave and subsidized fertility assistance
  • Unlimited vacation with a 20-day minimum requirement
  • $10,000 annual charitable donation matching


  • Fluency in English
  • Local work authorization (wherever it is you'd like to be based)
  • Rock solid SQL skills
  • Experience with backend development
  • Experience with workflow management platforms like Apache Airflow or large distributed data pipelines like Apache Beam

You might be a good fit if you:

  • Are a self-starter, take initiative, self-manage and require little day-to-day direction to be successful
  • Take responsibility for the outcomes of your core duties
  • Are passionate about achieving Sendwave's mission and are excited at the prospect of lowering remittance costs for diaspora communities.
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