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About The Customer account manager Role

Hi, hey, hello.

I’m Anne Marie, the Customer Success Manager at TestGorilla. We’re a fast-growing HR tech startup on a mission to help teams make better hiring decisions: faster and without bias.

We’ve gone from 0 to over 2,000 customers in the past year. We need a more human touch for some of our key accounts so we’re looking for a Customer Account Manager to join the team.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can work from anywhere in the world (the entire team is remote, spread across eleven countries and counting)
  • Help shape a fast-growing, VC-backed HR tech startup as an early employee
  • A smart, motivated, supportive team from diverse backgrounds
  • €24,000 – €34,000 annual compensation (base + discretionary bonus, based on experience and performance), stock options
  • Hours are (mostly) flexible, and so is your vacation

About TestGorilla

At TestGorilla, we envision a world where everyone has their dream job. To achieve that, employers and employees need to have the right information about each other. 

In 2020, we launched our screening platform that allows employers to evaluate candidates in the skills that matter most for success in a role. Our product replaces subjective, incomplete, and often inflated CVs with objective, reliable, and fair test results that measure aptitude, practical job skills, culture add, and motivation. 

Improving and expanding this platform is our current core focus, but it’s only the beginning of our journey. Over time, we will launch more products that support our mission to put everyone in their dream role.

Recently, we procured $10M in seed funding from investors like Notion Capital and Jeff Weiner (yes, the ex-CEO of LinkedIn), and our growth is on target to continue exponentially.

Chances are you’re familiar with some of our biggest customers, like the National Health Services, 3M, Sony, Boy Scouts of America, PepsiCo, Bain & Company, and Deloitte.

We work remotely, spread across 5 continents and 11 countries.

The job in a nutshell

We need you to help ensure our customers can reach their full potential, by training them and anticipating their needs, empowering them to find answers, checking in on them, and ensuring their success with the product.

In the beginning, you’ll spend most of your days identifying existing key accounts to proactively touch base with, as well as onboard, new high-stakes customers. You’ll also develop an automated process for identifying these accounts as new customers come aboard. I’ll work with you to develop the process – but you’ll own it.

After initial onboarding, you’ll touch base with these customers on the regular (most likely every quarter) to proactively anticipate their needs, guiding them on best practices, or workarounds for their more specific use cases. 

Ensuring the success of these accounts is your core responsibility. 

You’ll need to be able to handle virtual onboarding meetings with a positive attitude, think on your feet, provide creative solutions for edge cases, and be comfortable with setting expectations. You should also be comfortable advocating for the customer if something we’re doing internally doesn’t make sense and needs to be reconsidered.

This is a full-time position in which you will be owning the success of these key accounts, with the guidance and oversight of myself and the Sales team.


  • Develop and execute an onboarding process for key customers to ensure a successful handoff from sales
  • Be the primary point of contact and build long-term relationships with key customers
  • Monitor and analyze customers’ usage of TestGorilla
  • Liaise between the customer and internal teams
  • Educate customers on best practices for product use within their own business, working with them to develop assessments for their specific job roles, helping them to understand scoring, and doing basic troubleshooting when issues arise

About you

There is no set path to any role at TestGorilla. We don’t care what your resume says, and we’re open to applicants from various backgrounds.

At the end of the day, our ideal hire is motivated by doing right by our customers and by what we’re doing as a company; someone who believes in the value of quality, proactive customer communication, and is eager to contribute to the success of all of our customers.

  • You have experience and success in previous roles of account, project, or people management
  • You are available to do onboarding calls during US (Eastern time) business hours (most of our customers are US/Europe based)
  • You are very comfortable working remotely
  • You’re an incredible communicator and an excellent writer. You can take complex subjects and break them down using clear and simple writing
  • You’re a natural relationship builder
  • You don’t understand all this chatter on the web about Zoom fatigue. Virtual meetings energize you, rather than exhaust you
  • You’re tech savvy and able to learn new software quickly, with the ability to think on your feet during a call if something goes amiss
  • You’re highly organized and self-sufficient. You’re great at planning, prioritizing time sensitive tasks as they arrive. You’re also extremely attentive to detail
  • When you don’t know something, you try to figure it out, but you’re not afraid to ask for help when needed
  • You are receptive to feedback, embracing the opportunity to grow and improve
  • You’re a resourceful problem solver with a strong desire to learn
  • You can handle difficult customers with ease and professionalism
  • You are comfortable advocating for the customer if something doesn’t make sense. We don’t know everything, and building an incredible product takes a team effort
  • You know that great customer service is all about managing expectations around what will be done and when. You are comfortable setting those expectations
  • You care about doing good work. You take initiative and ownership to see things through to completion. If it needs doing, you do it
  • Knowledge of HubSpot and Jira are a plus

What do you think?

We don’t offer rainbow glitter unicorns, or dog-friendly offices (we literally don’t have an office) but we do offer real people, solid core values, and a product meant to give everyone a fair, unbiased chance at their dream jobs.

Here at TestGorilla, we eat our own dog food. We use our skills assessment platform to make sure we make the best hiring decisions faster and bias-free. We’ve all taken one to get our own positions!

If this role sounds like a good fit for you, I’d like you to take an assessment so we can get a better idea about whether you have the skills we need. It’s also a great opportunity for you to experience our product first hand.

Don’t worry! We’re not going to test you on anything crazy technical (though a calculator and pen & paper might be good to have handy).

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