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About the Controller Role

Your Responsibilities

  • Manage bookkeeping. On day one, you’ll be doing bookkeeping yourself. We are very open to allocating budget to this and having a contractor help out in order to free up your time. Regardless of who’s doing the day-to-day books, you’ll be responsible for making sure they’re 100% accurate.
  • Monthly financial reporting. We review your finances every month. You’ll be responsible for closing out the month, leading the review, and highlighting anything you feel is important.
  • Budget modeling. As a small business that’s growing off of revenue, our quarterly and annual plans can change quickly. As new opportunities and ideas come up, we’ll ask you to model out the impact on our budget in order to make a decision.
  • Reporting and payment for partners. We have multiple partners that we share revenue and profits with. Our payments must be 100% accurate when we send them over. Our partners must also have ongoing reporting so they can get the transparency that they need.
  • A seat at the strategy table. We’d love to have someone join us that can provide financial insight on all strategic decisions that we’re making. Annual planning, hiring plans, acquisitions, all of it. You’ll be involved in every major decision that we make.
  • Managing quarterly and annual taxes. We should always be in compliance and pay all taxes on time. You’re responsible for ensuring this happens.
  • Approving and processing wires, payrolls, and other distributions.
  • On day one, you’ll be an individual contributor. As we grow, the finance team will also have to grow. All positions will report to you. You’ll be responsible for recruiting and managing that team.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit

  • Extreme attention to detail. On any team, you’re almost always the person that finds a mistake first.
  • Relentless pursuit of hunting down discrepancies. Whenever something feels a little “off,” you can’t stop yourself from digging until you find the source of the problem. Or verify with complete certainty that there wasn’t a problem to begin with. You’re the type of person that wouldn’t hesitate to dig through raw transactions in order to diagnose an error in a report that’s several steps removed.
  • Proactive. We know that accounting and financial reporting can quickly become a “check the box” role at many companies. You refuse to sandbox your role into a normal routine. Instead, you’re always proactively looking for ways to help the management team, find unnecessary expenses, and use finance to accelerate the business. We want to hear and expect new ideas from you.
  • You have a deep playbook for rolling out a finance and accounting program for a small business. You should know bookkeeping, monthly financial reports, taxes, and everything else cold. None of this should be even slightly challenging for you. The challenge will come from evolving your playbook to handle the extra complicity from our company structure.
  • Experience with online media companies. Even better if you have experience with affiliate websites. Every business model is a bit unique and we'd love to work with someone that already knows the quirks of our industry.
  • Not afraid of rolling up your sleeves on day one. This is not a management or executive role yet. There’s a very real possibility that it can grow into a larger role, but on your first day, you’ll be building every report, checking every expense, and putting your program in place yourself. Other than getting some help with bookkeeping, expect to do everything yourself.


The annual salary will be $130K along with our full benefits package.

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