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Back End Software Engineer (Node.js)

@ Deep Consulting Solutions



Contract Typepermanent
Experience Level2Year (s)
Required Skills:

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What We Will Expect From You

As an Engineer, your ultimate deliverable will be to effectively build a solution (or a part of it) that will be implemented in the client's business and run successfully going forward. Specifically we will expect from you:

  • Functioning and scalable systems that will work effectively and for a long time;
  • Ingenuity to come up with the most effective to build solutions with minimal complexity that meets the needed functionality;
  • Pro-activity to think ahead and create usable and practical systems, as opposed to just plainly following along the requirements given to you with no critical analysis;
  • Consistently high quality across all of your deliverables.


Depending on your level (which will be assessed during the hiring process), you will be given a matching level of responsibility (either an associate working on small tasks, an engineer working on large and complex tasks, or a lead engineer architecting the projects and leading project teams to get projects done). After each project completion, your performance will be reassessed and your level will be adjusted, which will be followed with financial rewards if success was accomplished.


You will be free to decide how you want to accomplish your goal, so long as the produced result matches our quality standards and fits in the team's overall strategy and tech base. You will be held accountable for the outcomes of your actions, and not your activities.


We have a tight business to run and our jobs require a certain commitment to results and willingness to accept responsibility for the individual actions on the part of our employees. Therefore, we require our candidates to:

  • Understand that an activity by itself is useless unless it produces a useful outcome;
  • Be ready to self-organize and self-manage and make own decisions about what to do in order to deliver the result;
  • Be willing to re-examine approaches and methods when results suggest that current approaches aren't working;
  • Be willing to endure hard work to achieve success and not expect instant gratification;
  • Approach matters rigorously and analytically;
  • Act on the above.


The following skills/experience will be necessary:

  • A solid knowledge of Node.js-based back end technologies.
  • Experience in delivering production ready and effective applications;
  • Experience with complex SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience with different APIs and complex integrations between systems.
  • Effective written and verbal English to communicate with our international team.
  • Basic understanding of DevOps and SDLC to cooperate with other developers in building the product.


The following will help:

  • Experience with Amazon AWS, serverless technologies, and container deployment on its platform.
  • Experience with CRM and ERP systems such as Zoho and others.

What We Offer


  • High Performance Oriented Management

The organization is consistently and constantly managed for performance and results. High performers are rewarded. Excuses are not accepted and employees who make them are ejected. Long, unnecessary, bloviating meetings do not exist. Direct, quick and clear feedback is given on everybody's work. The owner personally manages the business and there is little middle management present. If you prove yourself to be a reliable and effective employee, you will have all the necessary authority, resources, etc. made available to you in order to deliver your results.

  • Results Based Compensation Schedule

There is base pay and project bonus pay. Base pay varies significantly by the Engineer's level of ability and responsibility (Lead/Engineer/Associate) that the Engineer takes on projects - this level is reassessed after every project that the Engineer completes. Projects upon completion are rewarded with a bonus - bonus depends on the delivery of all requirements assigned to the Engineer, timeliness of delivery, rate of errors, and the amount of management attention needed in the project. Engineers who can deliver functional solutions that match requirements quickly and with little management action to correct errors get the best rewards and promotions in the organization.

  • Freely Arranged Schedule

You decide when you want to work. What we expect from you are results. Project Leads arrange daily communications with the team in a schedule that works best for everyone, and company-wide there is only one team meeting occurring twice per week. Outside of that, you set your own hours and work when it is easiest for you to.

  • Work as an Engineer, Not Just a Coder

Our Engineers work to build solutions and not just to write code. You will have freedom in how you want to architect the solutions you are making and we will heavily encourage initiative on your part, so long as you direct your initiative to quality and effective delivery.

  • Growth Within Our Organization

We are a dynamic and growing organization with a team spread around multiple continents. If you prove yourself as a responsible, driven and motivated individual, there will be opportunities for you to lead projects and manage tech teams.


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