We believe in the unlimited potential of human creativity. In fact, it’s why we come to work every day - to create a powerful platform where anyone can broadcast and express themselves in front of a vast live audience.

In a moment when social media and TV are converging, we’re proud to provide a product that fuses the experience of broadcasting, gaming, performing and social networking, giving direct power to the people and enabling them to discover and create new kinds of interactive content in real-time.

Long at the forefront of user-generated video, we’re a small and experienced team working from a sunny loft in Midtown Manhattan. And we’re backed by Oren’s Capital, and VCs like Union Square Ventures and Venrock - the same firms that first helped Twitter, Apple, Tumblr and others become tech heavy-hitters.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our careers page at http://www.younow.com/info/en/jobs.

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