Set Labs


Who we are

Set’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of an open, simple and secure internet financial system. Since 2017 we have heads-down built towards this goal and developed the leading crypto asset management protocol on Ethereum. As DeFi pioneers, our decentralized, non-custodial management tools are continuously laying the groundwork. We put the safety of our user first, taking great pride in never having been exploited and being trusted by the leading voices in the space.

  • Launched Index Coop, the leading decentralized provider of structured products
  • Raised a $14MM Series A, led by top-tier crypto funds including 1kx and Hashed
  • Grown our TVL to $500MM+ from tens of thousands of users, including the DeFi Pulse Index, Bankless BED Index, the Metaverse Index and the ETH2X Flexible Leverage Index

We have come a long way but our fight for a permissionless financial system is not over. This is where you come in!

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