About Prospa

Our people

At the core of everything we do are people. Our Members, staff, investors and partners make up our close knit community.

It’s bigger than finance and technology, we want our work to positively impact the lives of the most industrious people in the world.

Championship Team

Championship teams do what it takes to win. No excuses. Champions demand the best from themselves, make their teammates better and lead with humility.

Go One More

Going one more means celebrating success but not dwelling. It means asking tough questions like, how can this be better? or what does the next level look like? People who go one more do it because it’s who they are.

Move Faster

At Prospa we move faster because we understand the speed of our success is linked to the speed in which we make decisions, run experiments, fail, learn, iterate and improve.

Be Humble

No one is bigger than the team or greater than the mission.

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