Economies of scale is a great, academic idea that few ever achieve in reality. Prioritizing growth at all costs has seen more brands fail than the handful of success stories to which we can point. The truth is that the best e-commerce brands do not grow blindly. They don't over-extend themselves with unfavorable debt, high CAC, and sub-par ROAS in the slight hope that long-term LTV eventually fixes their unit economics. Instead, they keep the various metrics in beautiful tension as they balance growth and risk, immediate priorities, and long-term financial reward.

The best e-commerce brands smartly and proactively navigates the market with a combination of data-driven precision and artist-like creative execution. They prefer economies of better versus the alternative: gambling on their ability to eventually get the kind of scale that creates escape velocity. (This is akin to only give Van Gogh a single roller brush with which you paint a house's exterior and expecting The Starry Night.)

Our Values


We help people make decisions. Our proactive approach to inventory management stems from our ability to make powerful, accurate predictions. We’re innovative, efficient and ahead of the curve. Our knowledge and experience allows us to envision multiple possibilities, forever closing the gap between insight and action.


We believe in the power of empathy and kindness. We’re caring, compassionate and attentive. We attune ourselves to the specific needs of every business — we’re a loyal companion; a faithful confidant. We bring a human touch to everything we do. We’re warm, caring and compassionate. We are reliable.


We give people options. Our robust platform offers the security, flexibility and control our customers need to feel confident and satisfied with the choices they’re making. We liberate people from the most monotonous tasks on their to-do lists, giving them the freedom to live their lives how they please. We help them get out more than they put in.


We keep things clean and simple; life is complicated enough. Our system is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. We educate users at every level — regardless of their financial acumen — offering absolute clarity at every step. We demystify complex calculations, building trust through transparency and openness.

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