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The Perfect Way to Answer the Interview Question "Tell Me About Yourself"

There is one question we all dread, but no matter where we go, as long as we are new to that environment, someone asks us to introduce ourselves. An Interview is not different from these occasions. And it is common that after you get asked this question, everything you know about yourself disappears. Or you might be tempted to talk about your favorite meal-don’t. Answering the Interview question, “tell me about yourself,” can be tricky, but it gives a good impression when done right. Let’s dive into how to answer this question and construct your response to fit correctly. 

The starting point

You have the first few seconds to get your interviewer’s attention, and you do not want to mess it up. Start with your academic background if you are a recent graduate. This introduction would give you credibility with your Interviewer. If you’ve been working for a more extended period, you can start with your experience in the role you are applying to occupy. Also, this introduction works when you are on a career path you didn’t study in school. 


“ I graduated with my degree in Finance six months ago. I chose that field of study because I’ve always been interested in how money works, and I’ve learned it has a great career prospect.” 

Or if you have been working for a period, you can start like this:

“I graduated with my degree in Finance and immediately started work in XYZ bank. During my period there…”  

Brag a bit

When I say brag a bit, you should lay out your accomplishment in your chosen field. Did you help your organization reach certain milestones? Or did you help generate traffic to your organizations’ site? Whatever goal you were able to achieve, you should say it in your introduction. But throwing random achievements would not do the trick; you should make sure they are relevant to your new organization. 

Why are you here

You applied for a job because you needed it, but that does not concern your Interviewer, so you have to tell him/her why—stating your why involves telling why you want the position. It also consists of describing why you are an excellent fit for that particular position. IF you have a specific skill set that would help the organization thrive, you should put it on the table. For example, if you are in an interview for a social media marketing role, stating you are good with designs and copywriting would give you an edge. 

Keep it simple and sweet. 

Your Introduction should not be too long. Your interviewer probably has many people to interview or other things to do, don’t waste their time with irrelevancies. Cut to the chase, and keep your answers work-related.

Remember, nothing happens at once; take your time to practice your answer. Since you know you would have to introduce yourself, practicing would help the words not fly out of your head.