Nigerian Workers Talk About Working Remotely

COVID’19 ushered in a new wave of remote workers. Companies asked their staff to work from home. For some, this development was new, while it was a way of life for others already. We spoke to some Nigerian remote workers to describe what it meant to work remotely and these are what they had to say concerning the process.

Yinka (Content Writer and Social Media Manager)

I’ve been working for a month now. 

Personally, I love working remotely because I don’t like going out. It has allowed me to schedule my time as I like. I can take my online courses during the day when I have the most energy rather than at night if I was going to work. I have to be more disciplined though and sometimes I lose track of time. I’d like to improve my time management. Also, my boss calls me anytime she likes. To anyone seeking remote work, make sure you can handle it- be disciplined enough. Follow through with your schedules. Make time for other stuff and try not to work all day.


I have been working remotely since October 2020.

It hasn't really affected my life in any major way, just that I miss going out, because now that I work from home, I feel lazy to do anything except work. On the weekends, I spend time alone just reflecting. But, it has affected me positively cause my skin is fresher, and I sleep more, which is good for my health relatively.

To improve my remote work life, I wish I had a better chair. My back is aching, but I get to walk around, so it helps. And to anyone seeking remote work, get it. But if it is with a Nigerian company, sorry o. But with a foreign company, it impacts better on your health status. Nigerian companies don't know the meaning of remote work. Microsoft teams meeting from morning till 7 pm is slavery and anger IMO.

Stanley (Product Specialist)

I’ve been working remotely since March this year. With the advent of COVID 19. Remote work has been how I’ve achieved certain career-based goals. Working remotely, I have achieved some goals I set this year from the comfort of my home. And it’s amazing that what can be done at the office can also get done from home. Negatively, remote work can make you feel unproductive on some days and lazy at times because of too much comfort. Thereby leading to procrastination

I’ll love to improve my defined workspace. Which is majorly my room by making it more conducive for working. A defined space gives it the office kind of feel and would Increase productivity. Anyone seeking remote work must know what he or she wants to achieve from it. And also I’ll advise that they go for it. And make the best out of it. But first, they must define that workspace and time also. To give that work-life balance.


I've been working for over a month now, started mid-November 

The positives include but are not limited to; comfortable workspace, flexible work hours. The negative is that it could get hard to concentrate.

Well, earning more pay would be an improvement.

For people who seek to work remotely, try to outline your goals for the day, this way, one can keep track and not laze about procrastinating


I've been working remotely for about a year. With respect to productivity, I believe it's been positive. Considering I stay in Lagos, my productivity level drops when I go to a physical location due to traffic. So remote work takes that away. So mainly due to the current state of Lagos, I prefer remote working.

 Hmm... I would like to improve my time management skills. 

For those seeking to work remotely; Apply! Build your portfolio! Gain credibility! Keep applying

Yeychi ( Social media manager/ Content creator)

I’ve been working remotely for about 2 years. It has affected my life.

Would like to improve the structure. More defined working hours.

I would tell them to go for it but they MUST be disciplined.

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