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5 Types of People you Find on your First Day at Work

The office environment gives you a vast pool of people to pick from. From your first day, you can tell what category everyone fits in. As the new guy at work, you are expected to socialize with everyone to an extent until you pick your people. Also, you would distill who you can be friends with and who you should graciously avoid. In this article, we would talk about the different types of people you would meet on your first day at work.

The OGs: 

These people have been with the organization since its early years. They can tell you the company’s history from the day the founder conceived the idea till this present day. Usually, they occupy high positions in the organization. Also, they seem to be distant from the young professionals except for compulsory occasions. These individuals are a source of great wisdom, and they give great insight on how to succeed in the company. 

The Overdressers :

The overdressers walk into a room, and everyone turns their head. They always manage to look extravagantly lovely every day of the week without fail. If you are not careful, you might want to change your wardrobe because of them. Also, you would find yourself complimenting their looks every other day. The good thing about this set of people is that they keep you informed on the latest fashion trends. 

The Office Flirt:

The office flirts have a history of trying to get intimate with any recruit they find attractive. They start by trying to get close to you under the guise of showing you the ropes. Before long, you find yourself exchanging numerous emails and having personal conversations on official platforms. This is never a good idea; try to keep your conversation professional and avoid any form of office romance. 

The Gossip 

Office gossips are inevitable; they always have something to say about someone in the organization. To engage with this set of people, try to keep the talk away from your personal life and colleagues. If you fail to do so, whatever you tell them would come back to hunt you. You can also outrightly tell them you are not comfortable having certain discussions when it comes up. 

The Workaholic 

The workaholics are always getting something done. You mostly would not see them hanging in clusters chatting away except it’s a work meeting. It’s usually hard to socialize with them, but they would help you sort work problems. They are always high achievers and might just get the next promotion. 

Make sure to interact with everyone for your first few weeks; after that, you can start setting boundaries and choosing who to socialize with and who to avoid.